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TensorVector Objects

class TensorVector()


def __bool__()

bool(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> bool

Check whether the list is nonempty


def __delitem__(*args, **kwargs)

delitem(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. delitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: int) -> None

Delete the list elements at index i

  1. delitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: slice) -> None

Delete list elements using a slice object


def __getitem__(*args, **kwargs)

getitem(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. getitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, s: slice) -> ocean.ocean.TensorVector

Retrieve list elements using a slice object

  1. getitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: int) -> ocean.ocean.Tensor


def __init__(*args, **kwargs)

init(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. init(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> None

  2. init(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> None

Copy constructor

  1. init(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: Iterable) -> None


def __iter__()

iter(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> Iterator


def __len__()

len(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> int


def __repr__()

repr(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> str

Return the canonical string representation of this list.


def __setitem__(*args, **kwargs)

setitem(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. setitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: int, arg1: ocean.ocean.Tensor) -> None

  2. setitem(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, arg0: slice, arg1: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> None

Assign list elements using a slice object


def append(x)

append(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, x: ocean.ocean.Tensor) -> None

Add an item to the end of the list


def clear()

clear(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> None

Clear the contents


def extend(*args, **kwargs)

extend(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. extend(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, L: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> None

Extend the list by appending all the items in the given list

  1. extend(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, L: Iterable) -> None

Extend the list by appending all the items in the given list


def insert(i, x)

insert(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, i: int, x: ocean.ocean.Tensor) -> None

Insert an item at a given position.


def pop(*args, **kwargs)

pop(*args, **kwargs) Overloaded function.

  1. pop(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector) -> ocean.ocean.Tensor

Remove and return the last item

  1. pop(self: ocean.ocean.TensorVector, i: int) -> ocean.ocean.Tensor

Remove and return the item at index i

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